Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Feeling a Little bit “Continental"

I was out of meds for three weeks and I couldn’t get a 90-day prescription from my old doctor in NY and I couldn’t get a local appointment “until January at the earliest.” But I did finally get one, with Dr. Muna Beeai (BAY-ee). She’s located at 131 Kerchival. She came highly recommended.

I walked there this morning. It took me twenty minutes to walk from the house to the doctor’s. As soon as I got there, they processed me and took me in. The doctor was very nice and intelligent and caring and sympathetic. Great chair-side manners. I really liked her.

I was given multiple blood tests and the nurse only pricked me once. Ouch, but many do it multiple times because I have “bad veins.” It was a treat to have a competent phlebotomist. And they gave me some sample Lipitor to tide me over until I receive my new meds which I still have to order from Medco. I’m a little concerned about the Lipitor, since I was on Lescol before. I worry about changing drugs because I’ve had a lot of bad drug reactions. She did not have any sample Synthroid.

She recommended that I see a therapist for my ADHD and got me an appointment for January 4th. I worry that they will just want to medicate me, but I will wait and see. And she wants me to see an allergist for skin testing for food sensitivities. I have to call to make that appointment.

I walked back from the doctor's. It was an amazingly beautiful pleasant day, 42 degrees, still unmelted frost and ice, but sunny and fresh. Then I walked to the Village Market, shopped for today and tomorrow and carried my food home in a backpack. That’s what makes me feel a little continental, walking to the doctor, walking to the market. It pleases me. I could also walk to the P&C from my house in Kimbrook, but it was farther and not a small local market.

(I went on-line to Medco, but my Prescriptions haven’t shown up yet. I don’t know how long it takes.)

I love this beautiful warm sunny weather, but I worry about the polar bears and penguins!


Autumn said...

Yay good doctors!! So hard to find. I was lucky that my health got better with the warm weather here in Carolina. I had to wait 12 WEEKS to see my new PCP. Thankfully, he got me in faster to a Rheum and Neuro. I am soo happy that I waited to see him - all the doctors he's referred me to down here have been just as awesome.

Hope you're doing well. My nerve pain is coming and going in my leg... but seems to keep spreading. It's strange.

BerryBird said...

The new doctor sounds great, willing to be patient and really spend time with you. So many doctors overbook and make you wait an hour past your scheduled appointment, then rush you out in ten minutes without acknowledging you as an individual.

And what a bonus to be able to walk there!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you so much Autumn and Sara!!!

Yes, I was very pleased. WOW! A 12 WEEK WAIT! horrors!

Glad I got in sooner.

SO nice to be able to walk, no parking hasslas or expenses and a little exercise to boot.


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