Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fibro haze

Pain makes a haze and the fibro causes short term memory loss. Sometimes the world gets out of focus and hard to handle.

I was feeling more or less OK when I got up this morning, (I'm never really 100% any more), but after breakfast, I had a bad fibro flare-up--something I ate? After I showered, I felt a little better again. Not great, but the flare-up subsided somewhat. I still feel achy and stiff.

One of the things that really bothers me is standing. Museums are ultra bad. On Saturday, I took some Tylenol, which the doctor recommended for pain, BEFORE going to the museum, the DIA, but my flare-up with still terribly terribly painful. I wonder if the Tylenol didn't work, or if it would have been even worse without it. Horrors. I hate to even imagine that. I do know things can always get worse!

I have a book that lists foods that can cause fibro flare-ups in some people. The book is prolly packed in some box. But I do remember that onions are fairly high on the list. The list goes from foods most likely to case flare-ups to foods less likely but still responsible for flare-ups in some people. And I unthinkingly bought some green onions Friday and have put them in everything I ate since then for 5 days. Including my omelette this morning and supper tonight. AND I've been having multiple flare-ups and lots of pain and IBS and other annoying symptoms MUCH worse than usual. Could it be the onions?

It doesn't help when blogger isn't working and doesn't post my posts, multiple times. It's not that the posts themselves are important, but the frustration of doing something, espcially something minor that should be easy, over and over is very upsetting. It's frsutrating and I hate to say this, but it makes my fibro worse!

I posted about 5 posts to this blog today and only one of them posted. This is now about the 6th or 7th time I've tried to post this and it is seeming like it's not worth it with everything else I have to do. This is one of three posts that did not post when I originally posted them, so now they are all out of order and I cannot afford the time right now to fix them. Posted by Picasa


Autumn said...

it totally could be. We try not to eat them because they give me tummy problems too. Any chance you have green peppers too? Those upset my body like nothing else. Now I only use red and yellow.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I've been avoiding green peppers, but I wonder if even the yellow and orange ones affect me--I had some of those.

I read recently that fibromyalgiacs need to eat more protein than carbohysdrates to help keep flares down and I had some homemade lemon meringue pie. Oh-oh.


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