Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things I should do today

I saw a version of this on Autumn's blog and thought it looked appropriate for me. LOL!

Things I should do today!

1)call doctors. I need a new doctor, I am out of meds (for two weeks now!) and out of prescriptions and my old doctor is more than 400 miles away and no longer wants write scripts for me.

2)get my name changed and half my ID has my old name and half my new name and when I go to sign a credit card, I have to figure out which name to use.

3)do some banking. I've been using Keith's credit card for my purchases and need to get him some money to pay him back!

4)wrap presents


6)laundry (two baskets overflowingly full

7)unpack and make a space for the Christmas tree

What I will probably do:

1)find new and silly ways to waste time and be distracted (I have ADHD!)

2)file management (important, but why do I always start some long term project just when I have something more urgent to do?)

3)print Christmas letters (because I started that)

4)cook something yummy (there's always an excuse to cook--it's called dinner! LOL!)(But I don't need to eat a lot!)

5)Think about peace, wish for peace, and maybe do art for peace

6)pray for relief from my pain (having a fibro flare)


This is the third time I tried to post this, I hope it goes this time or I will have to give up. It wasn't that important to begin with. It was supposed to be sort of funny, if somewhat true, but it has completely lost any humor for me. I not only have other things to do, but it is getting late.

Sorry about the sensor spots, I don't have time to fix them. The picture is a sun dog. Posted by Picasa


Sara said...

What are sensor spots? Are they the little black dots in the photo? I actually had noticed them but thought they were intentional--part of the fibro veil.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Yup, the little black spots are dust on the sensor. Hard to get rid of.

It'd be better if they were intentional.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Now there are two of these posts! Grrr! I can't delete them because there are comments on both. What a pain. First they wouldn't post at all and now there are two!


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