Friday, December 15, 2006

Fibro Yeses, NOs and Maybes

Things that help my Fibro:
Ø Lots of good healthy relaxing SLEEP
Ø Relaxation
Ø Massage
Ø Appropriate exercise
Ø Healthy food
Ø Stretching
Ø Laughter
Ø Fun
Ø Happiness
Ø Being held and touched and loved
Ø Enjoyable productive engagement (e.g.: art, writing, photography, visiting, friendship, social causes)

Things that Hurt my Fibro
Ø Insomnia or lack of sleep or bad sleep. This is an issue for me because the fibromyalgia triggers seem to cause or exacerbate the insomnia!
Ø Certain foods (for sure absolutely!): soy, dairy, chocolate, coffee
Ø Stress, anger, frustration
Ø too much or too little exercise

Possible beneficial affects:
Ø I read that eating meals where the proportion of protein is greater than carbohydrates can help fibro. If this is true, I should feel better on omelette days than on oatmeal days. Unless I put something bad in the omelette. I had oatmeal this morning, so I need to pay attention. I have noticed that sugar and refined carbs make my vision blurry and have other negative affects. Last night I had mango sorbet and lay awake with night sweats much of the night. Dunno if it was the mango sorbet, though, or something else.

Possible problems or triggers for my fibromyalgia:
Ø Nuts, beans and legumes, apples, onions, citrus
Ø As suggested by Autumn: green peppers, beef and red meats


BerryBird said...

What about the other nightshades besides peppers? Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant... are they not as bad?

Also, I wonder about mango. It is in the same family as poison ivy and some people react badly, but usually by getting dermatitis after touching it. I don't know if it has any fibro connection from eating it though. Obviously if you had sorbet you didn't handle it much.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I wonder about mangos too--I rarely eat mangos or mango sorbet any more.

All nightshades should be eaten (by me) and low moderation becase they exascerbate the ARTHRITIS I have in my neck and elsewhere (I didn't even mention that).

Erin said...

Remember when I had the alergic reaction to mangos from slurping on the skin that one summer? It was like poison ivy on the lips. Hee, hee.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YUK! Luckily I have nothing like that, and yes, I do remember! Aiee!


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