Tuesday, October 03, 2006

baby steps.

I just took two more tiny baby steps toward moving.

I got a box packed and and a large bag of garbage packed and carried both to the garage.  Both were very slow.  I was working in my old midbasement study where manuscripts of poetry and novels were turned back and forth to separate them and had slid tot he side so since they'd been there so long, they were very dusty.  I had to straightened and dust them all before I could pack them.  It's discouraging that it takes so long when there is so little time, and the next few days will be very busy with my MRI and dr. appts etc.

The manuscripts included the old master poetry file, Raven Girl to the Rescue, and early version of Frog Haven, and lots of poems and short stories.  I topped off the box with a stack of unsorted papers just to get moving.

I apparently have a cold which is also slowing me down as I have to keep stopping to blow my nose, and I have asthma.  And I didn't sleep well or long last night, so I am tired,  But the light at the end of the tunnel seems closer, and I am trying to keep the old nose to the grindstone!

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