Wednesday, October 11, 2006

back on line

Of course, I could not take the modem back today because I have yet to hear from Bruce about the mortgage.

So I', back on line, but I may take it back if I hear from him today, in which case I'l be back off line.

The place closes at 5, so I won't take it back unless I hear before 5.  Enough before 5 to detach it and drive it over.  (Before 4:30.)

THis morning I started by folding laundry.  I'd done two loads yesterday and there were more thant wo more waiting down there to be folded in a basket.  I did not complete the task because I got so depressed about not making progress twoard going.

I'm pretty depressed today.

I came up and worked on the dresser and filing cabinet in the bedroom and believe I chave probably completed the process of removing anything I need from there.  I packed one box, a pretty large one, labe,led it and carried it to the garage.  I have some stacks of things on the bed.  This took until after lunch time (with the laundry folding earlier), so I went down for lunch and of course, I'm out of fresh food so I ate a frozen hamburger and some mushrooms and dribs and drabs of other stuff.

Then I started washing dishes.  I'd been so busy that the dishes were piling up inlcuding breaskfast dishes from Sunday.  ANd everything since then.  I haven't finished that yet--I did a lot but not all.  This is because my back was hurting so much I had to sit down.  I feel depressed and sore and in pain and sad.  I'll have to drag myself up and get back to work, but I need a ltitle rest.

Yesterday I drove a picture over to Crystal's house, near Seneca Mall, for the Vera House fund raiser.  I used a picture I'd printed for another show and put it in a frame I paid a dollar-seven for and put a $43 price tag on it--it looked pretty good.  The rest of the pictures for Vera House will have to wait so I think I may pack those frames up next.

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