Saturday, October 14, 2006

safe arrival in Detroit.

12:40 AM Saturday (late Friday night):  I have safely arrived in Detroit and am now unofficially officially moved here, though more remains to be done there and I will be going back to see mother and children and give poetry readings and do art exhibits.  I have some pieces opening at a show at May Memorial Oct 17 that Erin or Sara will deliver for me, since I won't be there.  Much also remains to be done here, there are about 200 boxes to unpack.

The trip was harrowing.  The power was out from Rochester to Beyond Buffalo and they shunted everyone off the Thruway and we had to make our way through little Podunk towns and then through Lackawanna and Buffalo with all the traffic lights dead and there was 2 feet of snow on the ground and huge snowbanks and stranded cards in the middle of the road and trees down in the road (lots of them!).  IN parts of Buffalo, the roads were icy and snowpacked --and it was snowing.

When I left home, it was a gorgeous sunny fall day.

Keith has to work tomorrow (well, today, actually), he has to get up in less than 3 and half hours.

Since I was on the road all day (all night) (it took much much longer than normal), I have not read ANY of your emails, they'll have to wait, I'm sorry.


FAX said...

Hi Hon,

Yesterday morning I saw our new dog, Henry, looking at me through the glass of the front door and I thought I'd take him for a walk and teach him who's the alpha! Peter was sleeping.

We had gotten to the bottom of our steep driveway and were standing in a wide place near the highway. A car went past and I thought, "That little car made all that rumble?" Then I thought a big truck must be coming. Then the mental truck became of monstrous size and I finally realized what was happening.

Everything was jumpin! Rocks were falling onto the highway. I had looked up to see if we were under the power line or trees and weren't.

Henry tried to bolt and then cowered by my legs. He must have shook for two minutes. As I comforted him I realized that Peter must be freaking out so we quickly (as I could) went up the driveway.

Peter had run out of the house naked yelling "Get out get out!" (But I hadn't been sitting at my computer as he ran past.)

Gozsr the cat had beaten him out of the house by going through one of the screens. He stayed gone all day. I started calling him in the evening a few times. Finally at night he started crying down in the coffee field. And even when I called to him he wouldn't come up. It took me fifteen minutes (shining the flashlight on myself so he could see me) to lure him up and into the house. Then Henry scared him and I got a couple of deep scratches.

Those were our only physical injuries.

But the supports for the lower deck (with hot tub) slid a few feet down the hill, so now the deck is "flying" with only one support. and one of our "fish ponds" sprung a leak. So we were quickly siphoning the water (power was out) transferring the fish and plants and emptying the hot tub.

Most of the books and Peter collection of 78's jumped off the library wall, our big Garuda lost his wings and various things broke, but nothing we really care about.

I was disappointed to have missed all the action. The house was groaning, thumping and sounding like it was walking on a thousand little feet. (P's description.) And I missed it!

I went through the loma prieta in a narrow hallway were I couldn't see anything either!

So, house damage isn't wonderful at a time we are trying to sell it. And everyone who can hold a hammer is already employed.

But I think the lava must have been shaken down into the earth a bit because the rest of the day was beautiful and we had the most lovely, clear sunrise today!

So, I'd better go pick up some books!

Love you and thanks for caring.



PS. I'd rather have had this than drive through a blizzard!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WHOA! That sounds scarier than my blizzard, though perhaps of less length--except now you have repairs to make. Hope it works out OK!


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