Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sick again

After a couple pretty good days, I am sick again.  Everything hurts, particularly my neck, shoulders, back and hips.  I must have inadvertently eaten something I'm allergic to.  I sent Keith down to read the ingredients on the brand of pasta I bought but it wasn't that.

I made such a nice meal, too:  barbecued pork chops, homemade applesauce, a side of real gumbo with okra, and fresh pomegranate.  It was yummy.  I made Graham buttered noodles and a hamburger, since he wasn't interested in what I'd made for Keith and I.

Food allergies:

all dairy of all kinds  (I cannot have:  milk, cheese, ice cream sherbet (most contain milk))
I can have MOST sorbets (but not all--ingredients must be read)
I can have homemade coconut ice cream made with coconut milk (which is served in some Thai restaurants)
I CAN have veganrella oat cheese (available at the health food stores)

no soy of any kind or quantity, no soy sauce, tamari sauce, tofu etc
no veggie burgers that contain soy
no soy additives such as in mayonnaise and margarine

I am allergic to most, if not all beans, legumes, lentils, peas etc
I am allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts
The only dairy-free, soy-free margarine I have so far been able to locate is sold only in Canada and not available in the US.  I can eat jelly, or jam, in small quantities, on toast.

What I can eat:  (lean) meat, fish, vegetables (except legumes and a few others), fruit, rice milk, oatmeal, wheatena, breads and cereals of any kind as long as they do not contain milk or soy.  Eggbeaters (but only limited amounts of eggs, a few a week).  (However, if that is all there is for breakfast, I can eat eggs).

Chinese food tends to contain a lot of soy and Italian food tends to contain a lot of cheese (as does Mexican food), so I have to be careful eating at those establishments.

If in doubt, read the ingredients.  This is harder at a restaurant.  Recently, I ordered some meatball sandwiches and asked the waitress if they contained cheese and she said no and proceeded to deliver mini meatball sandwiches with a slice of cheese in each one. 

No goat milk, either.

Those are my known allergies.  But I ate something that has made me sick.

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