Monday, October 23, 2006

MY FM, a conversastion with JP

M. -- We have a friend who is having serious pain and discomfort symptoms which sound exactly like what you described to me when I first knew you. You had mentioned how bad off you were and the steps you took in discovering what it was and what you did to "fix" it. Could you be a dear and retell me of your experience with it? Eileen has given me some
links to websites and I want to give this woman as much info on it as I
can...both technical and anecdotal. J.


J.-- I suffer from fibromyalgia and there is TONS of great stuff on the web about it, if googled.

I have achy sore joints and trigger points. The degree of pain varies with:

* the amount of sleep I've had
* stress
* various foods, not all of which I have under control.
* exercise

One misstep can send me on a wretched downward spiral that includes: pain that escalates from a dull ache to nearly unbearable, IBS, insomnia, crankiness (worse than usual), itchy skin.I have sore neck, sore hips, sore knees, sore feet. Sometimes I can't walk. I stiffen up if I sit too long. At my best, I feel lightly bruised all over and at my worst, I am in severe pain. Sometimes it escalates into myofascial disease which means that the sheaths of all the muscles hurt which expands the pain.

Walking and exercise help, but are hard to do sometimes. When the fibro is really bad.

In me, it is exascerbated by dairy, soy, nuts, beans and other foods. M.


M.-- E. had it almost as bad as you described to me years ago and basically "cured"
herself with dietary and lifestyle changes. J.


J.-- My FM is tied in with diet and lifestyle and I am desperately trying to control it, but there must be some component that I haven't figured out yet. It's much better than it was, My worst now is better than my best then, but it ain't cured and I still have very bad days. Haven't found any additional help for it. No "cure." Darn! :-(


M. -- Do you still eat very much in the line of prepared (cans, jars, boxes)
food that has additives? I really think the chemical soup that is being
put in foods is causing a LOT of medical problems in addition to FM. J.


J.--Very little except when I eat out or visit a friend. I make everything from scratch. (I never was big on prepared foods). M.


Yeah, I remember taught me! I was macro when I lived
in the old farmhouse on Connors road. Gave it up when I hooked up with
B. was tough to stick to something like that when the person
you're with eats anything that's not running fast enough to escape the
knife and fork!!! I went back to veggie when B. and I split. I have
added a couple fish back in recently (only anchovies, sardines and
herring...pretty healthy ones and the ones with the least problem with
environmental contamination). I'm actually contemplating going back to
macrobiotics (well, maybe a bit modified since I really do not want to
totally give up things like beer, wine and occasional sweets).
Recalling my whole life, I can honestly say that I felt the best,
physically, during that time when I was macro. I, too, cook mainly from
scratch. J.


J.--I felt best when I was macro, too, serious best, healthiest, leanest, and most cheerful, too! Hard when you cook for a family who wants junk, though! But I don't eat exactly what they eat. Sort of modified versions. It's hard for me to eat macro, though, when I seem to be allergic to beans and legumes. M.

PS. I wonder if being macro, if I could somehow get past the legume problem, would help my FM.

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