Sunday, October 22, 2006

Insomnia, getting worse

It's 4 AM and I've been awake since 12:30.  We went to bed just after 10 and talked until nearly 10:30.  I slept restlessly for 2 hours and was awake by 12:30.  I laid there from 12:30 to 3:45 hoping to sleep, trying to sleep, and finally had to get up.  I was starting to suffer from the "heebie-jeebies" where I get unbearably restles and itchy all over.  I also get hot.  It's cool in the bedroom, and I was wearing a warm shirt over my PJs, but I took it off before I went to bed.  After 12:30 I was naked and still too hot.  It seems ironic that I am hotter lying still in bed than I am when I am moving around, but that's what happens.  And every fibromyalgia trigger point was throbbing with pain.  It disrupts my nights and also my days because then I am tired all day.  I've been getting worse day by day ever siunce I arrived in Detroit and that scares me.  I no longer have a another "home" to retreat to and recover.  I was feeling incredibly better in NY than I am now.


Sara said...

I know you hate them, but maybe you should consider taking an Ambien tonight to see if you can break the cycle and get back to a normal sleep routine. You know, where like, you get some?

Erin said...

Like Sara said, I would think it might be worth taking an Ambien once in a while. We can't have you stumbling about in a sleepless stupor every day!

Do you have any thoughts as to why things would be worse in Detroit than NY? Are you eating out too much and therefore losing some control over what you eat? Not getting your proper amount of exercise? Maybe it's the drapes? Or that striped chair in the bedroom! Remember, I would be more than happy to relieve you of it. ;-)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

If I don't get some sleep tonight, I'll take ambien tomorrow night. That stuff is almost worse that not sleeping, because instead of just being exhausted, it fogs my mind and makes me feel like I'm about to pass out all day.

And yes, we've been eating out and eating at other's people's houses and no one of course can keep track of my allergies (and why should they, except for the terrible results of my eating tainted food.

There was cheese in the meatball sandwiches (even though I specifically asked if there was cheese and was told no) and there was almonds in the rice pilaf. Etc.

Keith says you can have that cahir any time you want to come get it.

Pam said...

A temporary hole in the wall that my email's had erected!
Mary, what an utter bummer. I know what you're suffering with the insomnia -- wish I didn't. And the more tired one gets, the harder it is to sleep. A perfect exemplar of a vicious circle. Hope it was better last night -- and will be this night.
I assume you've tried reading books on accounting and organic chemistry?
I wake very easily -- Herb turning over does it, much less if he gets out of bed or turns on a light in the hall. You too? Luckily for me he's a quiet sleeper, unlike me; I'm a rotisserie. What's Keith like?
Sending you wishes for restorative sleep, dear Mary --

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I did sleep somewhat better last night, thank God!


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