Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Continuing conversation with JP about FM

M.-- I got very lucky in finding E., ...a vegetarian.  She does eat lots of stuff that I'd like best to avoid, though.  She's always
pushing stuff with flour...breads, pasta, etc., and it's hard to say no.   I try to mostly avoid sweets and she'll make an apple crisp...too good
to not have some...so there's the flour, sugar, etc.  You know how it is.

Are you allergic to ALL beans?  Have you tried adding them one at a time to see what happens?  Do you like or can you tolerate sardines or herring?  You could get your protein there, plus the oils.  How about tree nuts?  Or almonds...I think they are somehow different from other tree nuts.  I do think going macro would be of the most help.  J.

J.-- I do make dessert or pasta once in a while and I am suspicious of flour-based foods, especially refined flours.  I got tested for an allergy to wheat flour and the tests were negative, but I am still suspicious!

I made apple crisp in the 19th that was utterly wonderful and I ate too much of it--it was made with organic oats and organic ww flour--but had sugar in it.

The next day, we ate at ML's, K.'s mother's, and she made apple crisp, too.  It wasn't as good as mine and I ate only a token amount. 

I've been avoiding desserts since then (and before that).

ML also made rice pilaf with almonds in it---which I love, but I was much sicker the next day.  I've been suspicious of almonds for quite some time--not only peanuts, but all tree nuts seem to worsen my FM.

I have not tested all beans, but every time I eat any beans of any variety, I get sick.  I hate food testing, because every time I test something I'm suspicious of, I usually get sick.  And I'm sick of being sick.  If I'm feeling good, I don't want to get sick--it usually lasts 3-4 days to a week, and if I'm already sick, I can't test the food with any certainty (since I'm already sick), and I don't want to risk getting worse.  So I only test once in a while when I'm feeling brave, but the problem with that is, there are still things out there that catch me unaware and make me sick.

I do seem to be able to eat sardines.  I went on a sardine kick for a while, but haven't had any lately.

I rarely (almost never) get sick if I am home alone preparing my own food, so the cause of my illness is probably simply things I already know bother me slipping into my food without my knowledge when I eat away from home.

It's good to have a partner who eats like you do.  I always do better when I am alone than when I am with K. & G. or anyone else who eats "normal" food.  M.

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